4 Cool Pizza Pairings For Staying Cool

We're entering the dog days, when you might be able to cook your pizza on the blazing sidewalk even quicker than in an oven. Lucky for you, our original line of ready-to-make cauliflower crust pizzas cook in 15 minutes, so you won't cook the air in your house, and you can spend time on more important things - like what to drink with your pizza.
4 Cool Pizza Pairings For Staying Cool

What beverages should you pair with your pizza for both culinary pizzazz and cooling your body's core temp? We did our research, taste-tested the options, and have a few delicious ideas for you to try this summer.

Obviously, we first thought of our Margherita pizza with a margarita - and it turned out the most obvious answer was the best. The tart lime and salt are a perfect balance to the earthy tomatoes and herbs for a well-rounded al fresco experience.

Think of our Three Cheese Pizza and sangria as a classic wine and cheese pairing, but way more chill.

Pepperoni Pizza makes an amazing pair for the tropical flavors in a piña colada because it's basically a Hawaiian pizza, deconstructed. Pro Tip: best sipped slowly by a pool.

And you definitely want to veggie-load your Sunday Funday with the Bloody Mary and Veggie Pizza combo. You'll have all the energy, vitamins, and nutrients to keep playing, and, if you're hosting, people will applaud your smart mix of spicy tomato-based beverage and crisp bell pepper pizza.  

Stay cool out there!