It’s All Fun & Games (And Pizza)

Game night and pizza… they’re like movies and popcorn, coffee and donuts, Lennon and McCartney. What we’re trying to say is they’re MFEO (made for each other). So pop your favorite CAULIPOWER pizza in the oven and let’s get cookin’ on some foodie fact trivia questions! Warning: things might get heated.

Game Day and Pizza

For too long, you've either spent hours in the kitchen preparing highly nutritious meals or you've felt guilty that you just didn't have the time. Along comes CAULIPOWER, delicious pizza that loves you and all your family members' diets and sensitivities. Oh, and it's ready in 15 minutes?! So what are you gonna do with all that extra time? Two words: Game Night!

Dust off your Boggle. Search under the couch for the missing Monopoly thimble. Leave the Ouija board way way in the back of the closet where no one can find it. Or just have a look below. Mealtime's a great time for a rousing game of foodie trivia with the people you love, so prop up your tablet and scroll through these fun, not-as-obvious-as-you'd-think multiple choice questions about pizza, cauliflower, and more (and check your answers at the very bottom). Healthy brain fuel, devoured. Game, on.















Check your answers:

#1: B, #2: C, #3: D, #4: A, #5: B, #6: D, #7: C, #8: D, #9: C, #10: A, #11: B, #12: C