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Sweet PotaTOASTS Recipes

6 Can’t-Miss Meal Hacks Starring Sweet PotaTOASTS

With our Sweet PotaTOASTS in your freezer, you’re the master of your own breakfast, snack time and dinner destinies. Say goodbye to crunching into dry toast over the sink and treat yourself to a deceptively easy meal-hack masterpiece. These 6 quick recipes from real, creative fans are incredibly simple to make, crazy good tasting, and show just how ridiculously versatile this superfood can be. Sweet, savory, umami and more, it’s truly the best thing since sliced bread. April 18, 2019



Meet the newest superfood innovation to join the CAULIPOWER family of products. March 30, 2019

Friends & Family Activities

It’s All Fun & Games (And Pizza)

Game night and pizza… they’re like movies and popcorn, coffee and donuts, Lennon and McCartney. What we’re trying to say is they’re MFEO (made for each other). So pop your favorite CAULIPOWER pizza in the oven and let’s get cookin’ on some foodie fact trivia questions! Warning: things might get heated. April 11, 2019

Pizza Memes

Top 10 Pizza Memes of All Time

We’re no strangers to a good pizza meme, and no one appreciates a cheesy pun more than we do. So, as (self-proclaimed) experts on the subject, we’ve created the definitive list of the best pizza memes the internet has ever dished out. Get a slice of our favorites. Because pizza is life. April 04, 2019