Comfort food season is upon us, and these ridiculously simple, healthy recipes will help you kick off an unbe-leaf-able Fall of family, friends and nutritious feasts!

When you’re THE veggie-forward, comfort-food meal-hacking brand, Fall is THE season to flex. We’ve put together 5 ridiculously hot new recipes for cooler weather that elevate Autumn produce to new heights. So throw on a sweater and tuck into these mega-healthy munchies; we bet you’ll be making them more than once in the coming months. From veggie tacos to ice cream sandos, pizza pies and tenders, we’ve whipped up some unexpected Fall flavors that combine excitement and tradition. Try ‘em today!

CAULIPOWER Tenders w/ Hoisin-Inspired Dipping Sauce 

Our delectable, low-calorie tenders are just begging to be dipped, dunked and munched – and they go with everything. This recipe adds a fresh Fall plum sauce to the mix and goes equally well with our Original and Spicy(ish) tenders. Dip to your heart’s content.


Garden Variety Veggie Tacos 

Health is wealth, and when you add two CAULIPOWERful products to one taco you’re twice as rich. Our CAULIPOWER Cauliflower Tortillas form the delicious, nutritious base, and CAULIPOWER Sweet PotaTOASTS, kale, goat cheese, walnuts and cauliflower make for a flavorful, cravable Autumn veggie taco.

Awesome Awww-Tumn Pizza

When the leaves are turning, so are the pizza toppings. Top your CAULIPOWER Plain Crust with a robust, colorful selection of seasonal veggies like butternut squash, beets, cranberries and kale - delish!

Sweet PotaTOASTS Ice Cream Sandos

What’s better than an ice cream sandwich? An ice cream sandwich that brings gluten-free superfood nutrition to the table. Stuff our easy-to-use CAULIPOWER Sweet PotaTOASTS with vanilla ice cream and drizzle with maple syrup for a tasty dessert that does more.

Seasonal Show-Stopper Pizza

A feast of Fall color that’s simple to prepare, this recipe starts with CAULIPOWER Plain Crust layered with tangy marinara, topped with gorgeous watermelon radish, microgreens and butternut squash. It’s a nutritious show-stopper that won’t slow you down.

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