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Sweet PotaTOASTS

It’s the ‘Toast’ with the Most, We Don’t Mean to Boast

Everybody knows we love to celebrate the spud, so let us tell you all the reasons why we’re the #1 cheerleaders for this sweet tuber. Sweet PotaTOASTS are packed with nutrition, versatile and ready in just minutes. They’re clean label, made from a single ingredient and bring a major jolt to snacktime. Take a peek to see all of the amazing things this superfood can do for you. May 30, 2019

Pizza Party in a Box

Obviously You Want to Win a Pizza Party in a Box, But How?

The #CAULIPOWERcrew has pizza passion for days, and there’s nothing we like more than celebrating that passion with sweet, sweet swag. Each week, we select the most awe-inspiring, crazy recipe ideas and award the winner with a Pizza Party in a Box. Next week it could be you! It’s easy to win, just share your cauli-creations, funny reactions and more using (you guessed it) #CAULIPOWERcrew. Check out the previous winners to get an inside track! May 16, 2019

Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

Give Mom a Pizza Your Heart

Moms have to do the work of 20 people - for free. So this Mother’s Day, do something kind for the busy moms and mom-figures in your life that they'll actually enjoy. This guide to giving a Very Vegolutionary Mother’s Day includes a parade of delicious, nutritious bites, rounded out with a thoughtful DIY gift to make it memorable. May 09, 2019

Sweet PotaTOASTS Recipes

6 Can’t-Miss Meal Hacks Starring Sweet PotaTOASTS

With our Sweet PotaTOASTS in your freezer, you’re the master of your own breakfast, snack time and dinner destinies. Say goodbye to crunching into dry toast over the sink and treat yourself to a deceptively easy meal-hack masterpiece. These 6 quick recipes from real, creative fans are incredibly simple to make, crazy good tasting, and show just how ridiculously versatile this superfood can be. Sweet, savory, umami and more, it’s truly the best thing since sliced bread. April 18, 2019