Dear 84%*
of America,

I hear you’re thinking about leaving me. We need to talk.

Remember all the times we hooked up? On the couch, before bed, again in the morning up against the fridge. And how could we forget that one time in your office. I thought we were hot. Apparently, you thought we were a hot mess.

You’re not sure I’m good for you, but that doesn’t stop you from calling me after you had a few too many.

Well, I want more than that, so I’ve changed. I cut out the things that weighed you down. I even went gluten-free. Now, I’m everything you ever wanted me to be… and more.

Listen, I know this is cheesy, but I’m ready for a commitment. I promise I’m better for you than the others.

So here, on National Pizza Day, it’s just me. Standing in front of you. Asking you to love me.

I’ll wait for you until Valentine’s Day. You know where to find me. Caul me maybe.


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Pizza & America: A Love Story

CAULIPOWER, America's #1 better-for-you pizza, conducted a study to dive into America's love affair with pizza. The survey shares the complex psychology of America's healthy eating choices and their favorite comfort foods.

WARNING: Do not read when hungry. Facts about healthy pizza may cause extreme shock, severe excitement, and feelings of disbelief.

A Legendary Love Affair, Not A One-Night Stand

Nearly every American (98%) eats pizza, with over half admitting they LOVE it. In fact, 43 million Americans confessed that if they could eat pizza every day, they would.

So why is 84%* of the country thinking about ghosting their favorite food?


* 84% of American pizza eaters would change their pizza eating behaviors if they were trying to eat healthier (online survey of 1,002 adults conducted in January 2019)

It's Complicated

Nearly half of Americans state they are willing to give up pizza if trying to eat healthier.

Is this a sign that America is considering breaking up with pizza? No - quite the opposite! We just wish we could eat it without feeling guilty.

FUN FACT: 16% of Americans would even give up SEX for a year if they knew they could eat as much pizza as they wanted without feeling guilty.

A Happy (And Healthy) Ending

71% of Americans would eat more pizza if they knew it was healthier… clearly they don’t know about CAULIPOWER. Of them, 69% want a pizza with half the calories, 31% want more veggies in it, and 27% want it with half the sugar.

NEWS FLASH: Our relationship with pizza doesn’t have to be complicated. With CAULIPOWER you can finally have your (pizza) pie AND eat it too.

America’s #1 Better-For-You Pizza