MISSING: Cauliflower Emoji

It feels like there is an emoji for everything these days. There’s a ball of yarn, a sponge, a sea otter (ok, we kinda love that one), and even a plate of falafel balls. But there is one emoji that has not made it onto the emoji keyboard yet: THE CAULIFLOWER.

Sign our petition before World Emoji Day, July 17th, to make your emoji keyboard a more CAULIPOWERful place...once and for all.

Why do we really need a cauliflower emoji?

Unicode, the emoji decision-makers, have approved requests for every emoji you can imagine, from a banjo to an ice cube and even an orangutan. The one petition they have yet to approve, however, is for the beloved cauliflower. Together, and with enough signatures…we can make this dream a reality.