By Popular Consumer Demand, CAULIPOWER’s Idea For A "freezerator" Is Born

September 17, 2020
Big Part Freezer, Little Part Refrigerator, we call it the "freezerator"

Frozen is On Fire 🔥

Quarantine has us all rethinking our relationship with food...Even when it comes to food shopping.

CAULIPOWER wanted to know more so we conducted new research to determine what consumers are thinking about...and wishing for. Of the 4,000 Americans we surveyed, a whopping 67% confirmed that they’ve started buying more frozen food since the beginning of the pandemic.



Fruits and veggies with a frozen fate are usually picked in their most ripe state, which is when they are most nutritious. They’re often washed, blanched, cut and frozen within hours of being picked, meaning when you open that frozen package, you’re being greeted with a nutrient-packed delight.¹ There’s a reason we say Frozen is the New Fresh!


According to CAULIPOWER's survey, 52% say they are “going frozen” in the hopes of reducing food waste. In fact, seven in 10 households regularly throw away up to 20 items of fresh or chilled food every month. That’s a lot of wasted meal hack potential, if you ask us. Frozen food is easier to store and use, and keeps much longer, allowing for less food to be thrown away needlessly.


Buying frozen also means fewer trips to the grocery store, which is particularly important during a pandemic. Let’s face it, we have no idea how long this social-distancing-mask-wearing-repeated-hand-washing phase will last. What we do know is that purchases for frozen foods have skyrocketed a whopping 95% in March², and the need for easy to prepare meals will never go away in the modern world.

Frozen food can also be more economical. That’s good for your health, good for your planet, and good for your wallet. Talk about a win, win, win!

A Freezer Dilemma, As Cold As Ice

With frozen foods becoming a hot ticket item (no pun intended), each trip to the store results in having to play “freezer tetris” when you get home. In fact, most Americans say they have officially run out of freezer space. Gasp! The result? 77% of our customers say they would love to have a freezer the same size, or larger, than their fridge.

Freezer sales soared 45% compared to last year, leaving some people waiting over 5 MONTHS to even receive their new home appliance. So, our current problem is driving us to not just a solution, but a revolution.

We deserve a better freezer to fridge ratio. One that has the capacity to meet us in this frozen-first world. So, CAULIPOWER is proposing an innovation. Just like we reinvented America’s favorite comfort foods, it’s time to reinvent the appliance in your kitchen that stores it.

By popular consumer demand, CAULIPOWER’s idea for a “Freezerator” was born.

A Super Cool Challenge 

This is a CAUL to the tech industry, refrigeration industry... heck, you don’t need to be industry affiliated at all, as long as you have ideas and a way to make them come to life! We are challenging anyone and everyone to design a Freezerator: 80% freezer. 20% fridge.

As a company based on giving people what they want, we are taking this seriously. We’ll be sending the winning “freezerator” design over to the top kitchen appliance manufacturers in the biz, and giving the winner a lifetime supply³ of free pizza.

Send your proposal by October 31st, 2020 11:59 PM PST to freezerator@eatcaulipower.com to be considered. The winning design will be chosen based on overall functionality and aesthetic.

From one Innovator to another, good luck!


²Compared with 2019, according to the American Frozen Food Institute

³Lifetime supply of free pizza will be awarded as 24 coupons per year for the lifetime of the company.