Meet Our Frozen Riced Cauliflower Cups

We reinvented riced cauliflower using never-before-done flavors and an innovative cup. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy meal, a healthy side dish, or a base for your veggies and protein, CAULIPOWER Riced Cauliflower has you covered. With each cup being between 100-160 calories, you’ll end each bite with a happy dance. *Riced, riced baby*

Find Our Riced Cauliflower In Store Near You

Three flavors of CAULIPOWER Riced Cauliflower cups sacked on a blue background

The Cup That Does It All

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy meal, a healthy side, or a base for your chicken and veggies, this cup’s got you covered. In case you haven’t noticed, CAULIPOWER likes to do things a little differently – even when it comes to our packaging. Our riced cauliflower comes in a recyclable, reusable, microwaveable cup. It really is the cup that does it all.

We Said We'd Never Do It... Then We Did

At CAULIPOWER, we like to do the impossible. Our cauliflower pizza crust was the first to ever hit the freezer aisle. We coated our chicken tenders in cauliflower and other gluten-free ingredients, which had never been done before. So when we were asked if we would ever make a riced cauliflower, we said no because it already existed. We spent months trying to make it better. Better tasting. Better-for-you. And using better packaging. Once we were able to do all of that…we said YES.

A woman holding a spoon eating CAULIPOWER Baja Style Riced Cauliflower in an office setting