'Sick Of My Own Cooking' Box

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40% of Americans are officially in the 'Sick Of My Own Cooking' phase of quarantine. The good news? CAULIPOWER's got you.

Introducing The ‘Sick Of My Own Cooking’ Box, for when literally just can’t anymore.

What’s included?

  • The exclusive 'Sick of My Own Cooking' Cookbook, with 100 pages of #SimpleAF recipes inspired by CAULIPOWER consumers
  • Three (3) of CAULIPOWER’s NEW frozen Riced Cauliflower cups – one of each never-before-done flavor
  • Three (3) FREE CAULIPOWER coupons (yes – FREE!) good for any of our products – up to $11.99 each
  • A custom CAULIPOWER oven mitt and pizza cutter
  • A dreamy candle to keep you Zen after making your 714th meal

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The ‘Sick Of My Own Cooking’ Cookbook, Inspired By YOU

Say hello to the quarantine cookbook you never knew you needed until now. The chapters are ordered by #QuarantineMood, so no matter which section you land on, you can rest assured there’s a tasty, healthy, #SimpleAF recipe with your name on it.

93% Of Americans Want Better

In our survey of 4,000 Americans, people admitted to being OVER the “quarantine trends,” wishing they had something better - tastier, healthier, and easier to make. We asked what they would be willing to give up for a week in exchange for these Meal Hack™ solutions, and the results are in…

For When You Just Can’t Anymore, We’ve Got You

Delicious meals that are healthier AND ready in minutes? Yup. With CAULIPOWER®, you can finally eat your favorite foods - cheesy, melty pizza, crispy chicken tenders, sweet and savory 'toast', perfectly soft tortillas, and delicious riced cauliflower - and enjoy every minute of it. Even the aftermath. Now that's a powerful idea. CAULIPOWERful.


Sick of your own cooking? Have any meal hacks that have saved you during quarantine? Share them with the CAULIPOWER community!