Introducing CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders

Our latest meal hack reinvents another one of America’s favorite foods to create a game-changing, better-for-you frozen Chicken Tenders. The golden, crispy coating is veggie-forward, packed with cauliflower and other gluten-free goodness, and contains no artificial ingredients. No Cluckin’ Way!

Available in Original & Spicy(ish).

CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders are now available in more than 8,000 stores nationwide, with thousands more rolling out over the next few months.


The Only Baked Not Fried Chicken Tenders!

That means CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders have the lowest calories & fat of any frozen chicken tender currently in retail1, you can eat the whole darn bag for only 490 calories! They also have zero saturated fat, zero added sugar, 30% fewer net carbs, 22% more protein, and 21% more fiber than the category average1. Even we can't believe it!

1 SPINS frozen, breaded tenders, strips, and nuggets, total US, 52 WE, 3/24/2019

Nutrition Comparison


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Where to Buy Our Chicken Tenders

Our Chicken Tenders are just starting to hit the freezer aisle with new stores being added daily!

Like our pizzas, CAULIPOWER’s better-for-you chicken tenders are for everyone. They taste so good, but you won’t have to feel guilty about sneaking these off your kids’ plates.

- Gail Becker, Founder and CEO


Meet The Chicks

CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders are made with NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken that's all-natural2, raised with no antibiotics ever, and cage-free. Our chicken is rated Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2 which means third-party verification of humane practices.

2 Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.