Meet Our Frozen Chicken Tenders

CAULIPOWER® Chicken Tenders are the crispier, juicier, healthier versions of a classic favorite. Made with all natural2 premium chicken and crispy plant-powered coating, they really are made with (chicken) tender loving care.

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The Only Baked (Never Fried) Chicken Tenders

What are the benefits of BAKED, you might ask? Where do we begin! CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders are the LOWEST in calories and fat compared to other coated tenders1, and have zero added sugar, fewer net carbs, and more protein than the category average1. At 490-550 calories for the WHOLE bag…even we can't believe it!

1 SPINS, Frozen Chicken Tenders , L52wk ending 1/24/2021
2 Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

Meet The Chicks

CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders are made with all-natural2 NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken. Raised with no antibiotics ever, cage-free, and certified Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2, they’re chicken tenders that you can feel good about eating and feeding your loved ones.

2 Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.