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Download materials designed to help your patients and clients achieve their health goals by learning the importance of vegetables in a healthy diet.

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Our Story

CAULIPOWER was born on a Pinterest fail. Really.

As the mom of two boys with celiac disease, our founder Gail tried desperately to find gluten-free alternatives that weren't filled with calories, sugar, fat and salt. Frustrated, she turned to a like-minded community and found hundreds of recipes for cauliflower pizza crusts. She made one at home and while it tasted great, it left her kitchen a mess and took 90 minutes that she didn't have after a long day at work. She knew she wasn't alone, so she left her job and launched CAULIPOWER.

Our mission is to reinvent America’s favorite foods, one healthy meal hack at a time. By revolutionizing the use of vegetables in our food, eating healthy no longer has to be a compromise. We believe in celebrating vegetables in our food – not hiding them. We started with pizzas but our veggie-forward family has grown to include tortillas, the first baked not fried frozen chicken tenders, and the world’s first superfood toast.

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