Meet our Frozen All Natural Chicken Bites

CAULPOWER Chicken Bites?! YES CLUCKIN’ WAY! These crispy, crunchy, poppable bites are made with real all natural* chicken, a delish coating made of cauliflower and chickpea flour, and they’re gluten free always.

* Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

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No FOWL play here – just really good chicken

We believe that the food you crave should be made with ingredients you deserve. That’s why we use premium, all natural white meat chicken raised with no antibiotics ever, making every craveable bite protein-packed and truly nourishing. We then coat that with our favorite combo – cauliflower and chickpea flour – to create a chicken bite that rules the roost!

Not just a one CHICK pony

Our bite-sized pieces of crispy, crunchy chicken are perfect for after-school snacks, game-day apps, or anytime meal hacks. They take minutes to prepare in an air fryer or conventional oven (with no prep or cleanup required!) making them an easy, tasty, and oh-so-quick dish that'll leave your taste buds clucking for joy!