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Our Mission

CAULIPOWER is reinventing your favorite foods, one healthy meal hack at a time.TM We believe that everyone deserves access to tasty, affordable and nutritious alternatives to highly-processed foods. With CAULIPOWER, everyone at the table can love what they eat...and finally be able to share from the same plate.


Fueling the Future

As part of its mission, CAULIPOWER proudly supports OneSun and the fight against childhood obesity by contributing to the creation of vegetable gardens at underserved schools throughout the country.

Through a partnership with noted child-nutrition activist and health advocate Kelly Meyer, these gardens become real-life learning laboratories for students to learn what it means to be healthy.

First through fifth grade children learn how to plant seeds, nurture growing plants, harvest produce and ultimately understand the value of good eating habits, all while having fun in the fresh air and working with their hands under one sun.

Learn more at onesundonor.org.


A Note From Gail

CAULIPOWER was born on a Pinterest fail. Really. As the mom of two boys with Celiac - an autoimmune disease leaving their bodies unable to process gluten - I tried desperately to find nutritious, gluten-free options that weren’t filled with fat, sugar, salt and calories.

Frustrated, I turned to a like-minded community of healthy hackers and stumbled upon recipes (lots of them) for cauliflower crust pizza. My creation tasted just fine, but it looked awful, my kitchen was a disaster and I had spent 90 minutes I didn’t have making a pizza crust!

I figured I probably wasn’t alone and, so, left my job to create CAULIPOWER.

To my sons, that generous community and anyone who is looking for better-for-you options that really do taste like our favorite comfort foods - thank you for the inspiration. My hope is that CAULIPOWER allows for more time to enjoy what nourishes you.