Gotta Have Ricotta

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10 Minutes

1-3 Servings


If you're looking for a healthy summer recipe that is extra special, our Pineapple and Ricotta Cheese Sweet PotaTOASTS are a must try! A recipe so yummy it's hard not to talk about, or even look at, without drooling. Rich and creamy ricotta cheese comes together with the sweetness of pineapple to make a flavor so delicious there aren’t enough words in the English language to describe it.

Vegetarian Gluten-Free Grain-Free Wheat-Free Peanut Free Tree Nut Free Soy Free


  • ricotta cheese
  • grilled pineapple slices
  • honey
  • mint leaves

Cooking Instructions

  1. Remove Sweet PotaTOASTS from freezer and cook according to packaging.
  2. Top Sweet PotaTOASTS with ricotta cheese and grilled pineapple slices.
  3. Drizzle with honey, and garnish with mint leaves.