Meet our New Pizza Roma

Made with premium ingredients and imported from Italy, Pizza Roma is authentically prepared in the traditional Roman-style, “pinsa,” dating back centuries. Our version features a gluten-free cauliflower crust that is hand- stretched and then stone-fired, resulting in a rustic, artisanal appearance and a crispy, airy bite. Now that's AMORE!

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Authentic. Original. Now with Cauliflower Crust.

CAULIPOWER's Pizza Roma is authentically prepared in the traditional Roman-style "pinsa" dating back centuries. In fact, some believe this is the first type of pizza ever made. We've built on that history by putting our own twist on it using a cauliflower crust but maintaining the traditional crispy, airy texture, making it the FIRST gluten-free cauliflower pinsa-style pizza. Ever.

A Taste of Italy

CAULIPOWER's Pizza Roma is made with love in Italy, giving you that authentically Italitan - and perfectly delizioso - flavor in every bite. Perfect for a quick lunch, a romantic dinner for two or cut into bite-sized slices for an easy snack. Mangiamo!