Press Release

Rapid Retail Expansion: CAULIPOWER® Increases Availability 5x Since National Launch

October 16, 2017

CAULIPOWER, the #1 selling frozen cauliflower-crust pizza in the nation, is now available in more than 6,500 stores, including mass retailers Walmart and Kroger.

In only eight months, CAULIPOWER's regional launch and cult-like following has led to availability at new retailers, like Central Market, Fred Meyer, Fresh Thyme, HEB, Hy-Vee, Kroger, Jewel Osco, Meijer, QFC, Ralph's, Stop & Shop, Vons and Walmart, as well as the expansive list of current retailers, including Albertsons, Safeway, ShopRite, Wegmans, Whole Foods Market, Rouses and hundreds of others, bringing the better-for-you pizza to more than 6,500 total retail locations nationwide by the end of October.

CAULIPOWER is the leading innovator in the category by making America's comfort foods more convenient and nutritious.

"People's positive reaction to CAULIPOWER has been incredibly humbling," said Gail Becker, CEO & Founder of CAULIPOWER. "All we did was listen to what people wanted. They wanted a healthier, tastier version of one of their favorite foods without the time and hassle. So we made one! Thanks to an outpouring of appreciation from fans, we've gone from 60 stores to 6,000 in just eight months, allowing more people to find us in more places where they're already shopping."

CAULIPOWER celebrates vegetables, and is lower in calories, sugar, fat, and sodium and higher in protein, fiber, and vitamins than most traditional and gluten-free pizzas, while being naturally nutrient-rich and gluten-free.

Adding to the brand's mission to make healthier foods more accessible, CAULIPOWER supports OneSun, a program planting teaching gardens in underserved public schools across the country to help educate kids, combat obesity and inspire a new generation to love vegetables. "Over the years, I have noticed how many students reach for junk food because healthier alternatives were not available," said Kelly Chapman Meyer, founder of OneSun. "Our partnership with CAULIPOWER helps kids retrain their palates, learn about veggies, and make healthier choices – lessons that will last a lifetime."

To help support this rapid expansion, CAULIPOWER has recently partnered with Boulder Food Group. "We're thrilled to partner with CAULIPOWER, who has proven themselves in the consumer packaged goods industry," said Dayton Miller, managing partner of Boulder Food Group. "CAULIPOWER's devoted following and innovation in the space are a welcome addition, and we look forward to supporting further disruption of the grocery category.

CAULIPOWER reinvents our favorite foods to be naturally nutritious, righteously delicious and accessible to all. CAULIPOWER products use cauliflower, not highly processed synthetics, resulting in nutrient-rich, naturally gluten-free options lower in calories, sugar, sodium and fat than traditional offerings. CAULIPOWER is innovating a new market category, making convenient options that taste like conventional recipes available and easy for mainstream grocery shoppers.

Former Edelman President, Gail Becker, launched the company in February 2017 with an introductory line of frozen pizzas and crusts – that will save time for all. CAULIPOWER proudly supports OneSun, a program creating edible gardens at underserved schools across the country to educate kids on where their food comes from, combat obesity and inspire a new generation to love and harvest vegetables.